– Probatory session (30 minutes) is free of charge.
– Einzelgespräch 60 Minuten: € 69,-
– Einzelgespräch 90 Minuten: € 99,-
– Nachtwache (ab 3 Stunden): € 59,-/Stunde

Further prices on request.

There may be travel costs, I will let you know in advance if necessary.

A free cancellation of the appointment is only possible up to 24 hours before the start.

As an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, I do not bill the statutory health insurance companies, but private health insurance companies or supplementary insurance companies fully or partially cover the fees with the appropriate insurance agreement. Find out from your health insurance company whether and to what extent alternative practitioner services are reimbursed.

Are you also in a precarious financial situation? Whether you are a young person, student, trainee, unemployed or retired or at risk of poverty in old age: please do not hesitate to contact me. Together we will also find the right help for you!