States of altered or expanded perception can have a wide variety of triggers. In addition to breathing and meditation techniques, ritual or sexual practices, illness and the nearness of death, the increased consumption of psychedelic substances also leads to temporary altered states of consciousness and mystical experiences in many people. Rarely, however, do they occur completely spontaneously, without any recognizable trigger.

An experience outside the usual socio-cultural framework, or even beyond the ability to verbally capture what has been experienced, can sometimes be confusing or even frightening. Attempts to share what you have experienced can be met with a lack of understanding in those around you and even lead to exclusion. Those affected may feel alone in their experience. Understanding, expression and communication are often required in order to find a conclusion and thus have a clear view again for the next step.

Not every unusual experience of consciousness points to a more or less serious mental disorder. It is all the more important to identify possible causes that require treatment at the beginning of the joint work and to find appropiate help if necessary. We clarify this during the initial consultation and also keep a careful eye on the stability.

After experiences related to the dying process it is often reassuring to learn that Near-death experiences, Out-of-body experiences, Visitations or After-death contacts have been described in all cultures and all times. Openly exploring these experiences in a trusting environment can help access the healing aspects of the experience.

Spontaneous mystical experiences or expansion of consciousness, triggered by meditation techniques and other ritual practices (eg Kundalini Yoga), can trigger uncertainty and even fear in some people. In addition to the healing integration, we can look further together for suitable ways to get the feet back on solid ground and to experience being “grounded” again. Here, too, the goal is to make the healing aspects effectively available for everyday life.

Psychedelic Integration
Psychedelic substances are currently experiencing a renaissance, both in society and in research. I offer my experience in counselings before and after a psychedelic experience . I do not offer „Psychedelic Therapy“ and I also do not establish any corresponding contacts. I respect the choice of human beings to explore their consciousness. With my experience I would like to help reduce the risk for harm, and support healing integration.

Counseling talks before a Psychedelic Experience (Pre-Ritual Counseling) can clarify intentions and help to create more security and to clarify and avert possible dangers (Harm Reduction, Set & Setting).

A session about subsequent integration (Post-Ritual Counseling) helps you to put the experience into pictures and words through association, and thus to integrate it into your frame of reference. The aim is to free what has been experienced from stress and confusion and to make it available in a helpful and healing way for everyday life.

For acute or persistent mental disorders related to psychedelic Substances please contact the

Ambulance Psychedelic Substances
St. Hewdwig Hospital (-> link)
Grosse Hamburger Strasse 5-11
10115 Berlin

Phone (030) 2311-2979 in Berlin,

or in case of acute danger, an emergency ambulance in your area via 112.