Addiction Counseling

Where does the fun end and where does problematic consumption begin? Am I still enjoying it, or am I or those around me already suffering from my consumption? Where am I in my life? Does it need a small correction or does it require a fundamental reorientation and a quick intervention?

Whatever questions you have in relation to your own substance use: We examine your consumption behavior openly and without reservations and together we look for the right solutions for you.

For those affected: For problems with substance-related addictions (alcohol, medication, drugs) and the need for detoxification and withdrawal treatment, I will advise and accompany you during the motivation and aftercare phase on your way out of the crisis – and beyond.

The motivation phase initially aims to gain insight into the illness, to strengthen the desire and will for change, and to uncover and process any ambivalent feelings that may arise. A possible qualified weaning in a clinic awakens a wide variety of fears in most of those affected, which we will uncover and work through in the motivation phase. This allows you to start a treatment as soon as possible in the safe environment of a clinic.

After successful detoxification, outpatient or inpatient treatment in a facility usually follows. The aim of the treatment is the therapy of the psychological dependence, but also the treatment of concomitant diseases such as anxiety, depression or eating disorders. There you have time and peace to find a new balance and to regain your strength both physically and mentally. The therapy offered there prepares you for your everyday life at home. The treatment strengthens you and your knowledge and power to recognize, avoid or mitigate any relapses.

After weaning has been completed, a long-lasting and comprehensive aftercare phase in individual and/or group therapy is recommended: If necessary, you can attend regular or sporadic individual sessions with me to further support your curiosity, your zest for life and your courage in your new phase of life and by doing so actively contribute to your stability.

For relatives: When it comes to addiction, family and friends are often affected. Friends, partners, parents and siblings often find themselves torn between the demands of their own everyday life, exhaustion and the difficult process of setting boundaries. Relatives need space to clarify their own situation. Or they need help with orientation in order to find suitable solutions and offers of help for themselves or for the person affected by addiction. I would be happy to advise you on your situation and accompany you in your decision-making processes.

Counselings can also be arranged in the evening or at night. I also recommend and offer walks together.